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Consumer Proposal Payout

Are you considering a consumer proposal? Are you negotiating with creditors? While a consumer proposal may seem like your only option, it’s not. It’s an attractive option because all you have to do is agree to pay a portion of what you owe with the remaining part of the balancing forgiven. The sooner you pay off your consumer proposal, the sooner you can begin to rebuild your credit.

At LENDINGHUB, we have programs available to help you pay out your consumer proposal. We provide lending alternatives that are not available through traditional lending sources. Even if you have poor credit or trouble proving your income, we can help you lower your monthly payments and improve cash flow. We have a proven track record of helping rebuild our client’s credit rating. Plus, we keep everything confidential. All you need to do is contact us about your consumer proposal payout options and book a confidential consultation with our experienced professionals.

Consumer Proposal Payouts for All Situations

Regardless Of Debt, Income, or Credit

LENDINGHUB is your alternative lending specialist. We have helped many other homeowners in your situation. Let’s provide you with an example of how our consumer proposal payout program can help you get out of debt and re-establish your credit.

Meet Patrick and Sue. Together they filed a consumer proposal for $26,000 and have 2 ½ years left to repay it. Their proposal payments are $930 per month. They own a home worth $450,000 and have a current mortgage balance of $320,000. Both Patrick and Sue have great jobs but poor credit due to the consumer proposal. Their problem is their mortgage is up for renewal in 2 years, and if they do nothing, they run the risk of having a higher mortgage rate when it’s time to renew. Also, if they wait the 2 ½ years to pay out the proposal, they will still need at least 2 years to re-establish their credit.

After assessing their situation, an advisor from LENDINGHUB Mortgage informs the couple they can take equity from their home to pay off the proposal without touching the first mortgage. This is called a second mortgage. It’s an OPEN loan with flexible payment options. Plus, they have the option to pay it off in full at any time.

Our consumer proposal payout programs work on approved equity not credit‏, another reason why you may want a second mortgage rather than entering a consumer proposal agreement with your creditors. You can also pay off mortgage/tax arrears, collections, and credit cards through this program. No income or credit check required.

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