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Debt Consolidation Mortgages

Many Canadian families today are struggling with debt. Too often, they are under a burden of credit card debt, student loans and other expenses. Unexpected events like illness or the loss of a job can compound this problem. Getting out of debt can be tough, but if you have equity in your home, then there are mortgage solutions which may help you to consolidate your debt and ultimately pay it off faster.

At LENDINGHUB, we help Canadians consolidate their debts through a wide range of mortgage solutions. Options such as refinancing, home equity loans and second mortgages can help to lower interest payments while freeing up cash.

Your credit rating, terms of your current mortgage and personal preference will all play a factor in determining which debt consolidation mortgage solution is best for you. A member of our team will help you determine which options you qualify for and answer any questions you may have.L


Use Debt Consolidation Mortgage Solutions to pay off your debt faster

Using the equity in your home to consolidate your debts can be a great solution if you are stuck paying high interest on credit cards and other loans. It may even help you to reduce your minimum payment each month, meaning that you will have more cash for daily expenses and savings.

It’s even possible that by using one of our mortgage solutions for debt consolidation that you will be able to pay off your total debt much sooner.

Qualify even with little or no credit

Oftentimes those most in need of debt consolidation do not have perfect credit. The good news is, that as long as you have equity in your house, there are still debt consolidation options that you can qualify for. Talk to a member of our team about your options.

At LENDINGHUB, we are independent mortgage advisors that work for you – not the lenders. This means that we can shop around to get you the best rates and terms. We work with more than fifty traditional and alternative lenders, so you can be confident that you are getting the best deal.

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Getting out of debt can be a challenge, but using the equity in your home to consolidate that debt can be a smart move. If you would like to learn more about our debt consolidation mortgage options, call the team at LENDINGHUB today.


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