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Second Mortgage

If you are in need of a second mortgage or a home equity loan, you can trust the experts at LENDINGHUB. We specialize in all kinds of mortgage solutions. A second mortgage is a loan which uses the equity in your home to pay you a lump sum of money. Homeowners often use this type of loan to consolidate higher interest debt or to pay for important expenses such a tuition, medical fees or for renovations.

Second mortgages are a strategy by which homeowners can access the equity in their home that they have built up over the years. It is an especially good solution for those that have been turned down for other types of credit.

A second mortgage allows you to borrow as much as 85% of your home’s equity. As long as you have equity in your home, it doesn’t matter how bad your credit is. At Mortgages Nationwide, we work with people in a variety of different financial situations to help them get the mortgage solutions they need.

Don’t let little or no credit stop you

To qualify for a second mortgage, you only need to have equity in your home. Even past consumer proposals or bankruptcies won’t prevent you from getting approved.

The cash you receive from a second mortgage can be used to help you repair your credit by paying off income tax arrears or consolidating your debt. Or you can use the money to cover current expenses such as repairs, renovations, etc.

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At LENDINGHUB, we are alternative lending specialists. We will work with you and help you determine whether a second mortgage is the right choice or whether one of our other mortgage solutions would be more appropriate. We will help you compare products and rates and answer any questions you may have. We want you to feel good about whatever choice you make.

Whether you decide to move forward with a second mortgage or with some other mortgage solution, we will shop the market from our large pool of lenders to help ensure that you get the very best rates and terms. We will ensure that your paperwork is complete and accurate so that you can receive your money as quickly as possible.

If you would like to explore your options for second mortgages or any other the other mortgage solutions that we offer, call us today for a consultation.

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